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In late 2017, upon heading online to research CBD, it quickly became clear that unbiased information and guidance was hard to find. CBD products were rampantly recommended based on how much a middle-man stood to earn. There was often little care for the quality of a product, brand, or the needs of the user. Additionally, CBD information was sometimes sugar-coated to help further drive sales for the promoting websites.

IntelliCBD was born to serve the CBD community by creating a resource free from these issues. The goal is simple: put a visitor's needs first and guide them to successful CBD experiences. In practice this means:

  • Publish accurate and unbiased CBD information via our article section.
  • Clearly catalog and present the various types of CBD products and their contents available on the market today.
  • Catalog CBD brands and perform a data-backed auditing process that makes it easy for users to find quality products.
  • Establish an independent platform where customers can leave reviews and feedback on these brands.
  • Constantly strive to improve IntelliCBD to serve all who enjoy the benefits of cannabis-based medicine by seeking community feedback.
  • Maintain transparency around all practices and actions.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback send a message via our contact form.

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IntelliCBD helps educate and inform Cannabidiol (CBD) users. Our goal is simple: put our visitor's needs first, and guide them to successful CBD experiences. We accomplish this by providing an ever growing library of CBD-related knowledge articles, cataloging the available product types, curating a database of CBD brands, and giving users an independent and unbiased platform to share their feedback.

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