How We Audit CBD Brands for Transparency

To help the CBD community, we hand review every company in our CBD brands database. During this review, we collect publicly accessible information provided on each brand's website. This information is cataloged and displayed on each brand's profile page.

Our goal is to help CBD users choose the best brands and products for their needs. We believe the two keys to a successful CBD purchase are:

  1. Knowing who you're purchasing from.
  2. Knowing what is in the product(s) you're buying.

In the currently unregulated CBD market, this information is not required. Through the efforts of forward-thinking brands, standard transparency best-practices are emerging. Using this concept, we've crafted a transparency rating system that we apply to each brand. This rating system contains two pieces of information:

  • Transparency Rating: Using the data that we gather and publicly display for each brand, calculate a representation of each brand's transparency practices represented as a percentage.
  • Editor's Notes: We also provide additional comments and notes gathered during the audit of each brand.

Please note that this transparency rating is not meant to represent the quality of a brand's products or service. The transparency rating simply represents the extent to which a brand participates in the industry-supported transparency practices. Feedback regarding a brand's products or services is expressed by 3rd party customer reviews found on each brand page. More information can be found below.

Transparency Report: Data Sources

We collect the following information during a brand audit of each company's website. The results are passed through an in-house algorithm to calculate each brand's transparency rating:

Company Information

We look at the overall company presentation and look for standard company information like:

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address

Hemp Source

The first step to a quality CBD product is high-quality cannabis. Usually, in the form of hemp, CBD products are a direct descendant of the plant. High-quality plant material is the first step required for high-quality product creation. Understanding each brand's cannabis source is essential when choosing a company.

  • Grow Region(s) - Where is the cannabis grown that is used to create this company's products? comes from.
  • Organic - Is the cannabis source certified organic or are organic practices used during farming?
  • Non-GMO - Is the cannabis source free from genetically modified organisms?
  • Extraction Type(s) - What extraction method(s) are being used to create the end product?

Lab Testing

We consider lab tests to be the equivalent of a nutrition facts label on any product you'd find at the grocery store. Cannabinoid, terpene, and other plant content varies from product to product, batch to batch. At the highest level of transparency, you should be able to find a full lab report down to the batch level for any product you'll be consuming.

  • Are lab reports provided?
    • Yes, no or upon request.
  • What is the source of the lab report information?
    • 1st party or 3rd party.
  • What is the testing depth across the product line?
    • Partial Product Coverage (Not All Products or Inconsistent Coverage)
    • Source Lab Test (Single Test for Extract Used in All Products)
    • All Products (One Test Per Product)
    • All Products (Batch Level Testing)
  • Which screenings are done on all or the majority of provided labs?
    • Cannabinoid Profile
    • Terpene Profile
    • Heavy Metal Screening
    • Microbiology Screening
    • Pesticide Screening
    • Solvent Residue Screening

Please note that future adjustments to the algorithm are likely. These adjustments will be made to improve the rating system to better serve the customer and accomplish the goals outlined in our mission statement. Your grade may change during these adjustments.

Customer Reviews

We work hard to maintain IntelliCBD's reputation as a trusted, independent platform for customer reviews. CBD users may leave their feedback on any brand in our database. This feedback is hand-moderated by the IntelliCBD team using our published review moderation policies.

These reviews are the complimentary half to our transparency rating. Together these two pieces of information have proven to be extremely helpful to users who are considering which brand(s) to purchase from.

If you have experience using CBD products, please visit our brand database and leave reviews on the brand's you know!

We hope this transparent method of reviewing a brand makes it easy to find a high-quality CBD company. In a continuing effort to provide accurate data, we provide a 'Suggest an Edit' link at the bottom of each brand profile. You may submit any changes you have through this form. All edits are hand-reviewed.

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send us a message via our contact form.

IntelliCBD helps educate and inform Cannabidiol (CBD) users. Our goal is simple: put our visitor's needs first, and guide them to successful CBD experiences. We accomplish this by providing an ever growing library of CBD-related knowledge articles, cataloging the available product types, curating a database of CBD brands, and giving users an independent and unbiased platform to share their feedback.

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