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Endoca is a CBD brand based out of Europe with an office in the USA. The company was founded in 2006 by Henry Vincenty. The brand preaches a complete health-focused mission on their website. The company provides a high-level of transparency and takes care that every part of their product creation process is explained on their website.

The brand uses isolate to create a range of products. Unlike most isolate-based companies, these isolates also include the raw acid forms of some cannabinoids. This sets their products apart from other competitors in the space.

Their European Headquarters:

Siriusdreef 17 2132 WT Hoofddorp EU
Tel: +31-238-080-104

Year Founded

Endoca Homepage

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+1 (619) 831-0156


2305 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, California 92106
United States

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Credit Card

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14 Days

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Spectrum(s) Available

Broad Spectrum (Without THC)
Isolate (Without THC)

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Extraction Type(s) Used
CO2 Extraction

Lab Testing

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Reporting Source
1st Party

Product Coverage
All Products (Batch Level Testing)

Screenings Provided

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Product Type Spectrum $ / Gram of CBD Purchase Link
CBD Isolate
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CBD Extract
Full Spectrum $99.50 Buy Now
Full Spectrum $104.00 Buy Now
Full Spectrum $86.00 Buy Now
Full Spectrum $86.00 Buy Now

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