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Hemplucid is a Florida-based CBD brand producing a high-quality line of diverse products using full and blended full spectrum products. The company is one of the few to provide a water-soluble oral tincture. The company also produces an isolate-based THC-free product line for athletes named Kalki.

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Hemplucid Homepage

+1 (385) 203-8556


6206 Benjamin Road
Suite 314
Tampa, Florida 33634
United States

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Credit Card

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Free Shipping on All Orders

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30 Days

Product Line

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Product Type(s) Available

Vape Oil

Spectrum(s) Available

Full Spectrum (With THC)
Isolate (Without THC)

Hemp Source

Grow Region(s)
Colorado, USA



Extraction Type(s) Used
CO2 Extraction

Lab Testing

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3rd Party

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Product Type Spectrum $ / Gram of CBD Purchase Link
Full Spectrum $149.95 Buy Now
Tinctures (Water Soluble)
Full Spectrum $149.95 Buy Now
Vape Oil
Full Spectrum $149.95 Buy Now
Full Spectrum $153.28 Buy Now
Full Spectrum $224.75 Buy Now

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Rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 2 reviewers. | 100% of Reviewers Recommend this Brand

July 11, 2018
"Full Spectrum CBD Oil Changed The Quality of My Life..."
Started using an Isolate with another CBD Company until I educated myself on Full Spectrum CBD Oil...I did some research and discovered Hemplucid...I could not believe the difference in the quality of the CBD products compared to what I have taken previous to Hemplucid...The Vape/Drip I take with a dropper or just Vape it...I can take my Vape Pen any where I go to get a dose through-out the day...I also love the Nano CBD Concentrate...Just add it it any thing you eat & drink or just take a shot glass full whenever you need it...BTW the taste of these products is awesome...The first time I used the Vape I could not believe the rich plant flavor...Who the heck wants some fruity add-on flavor...I want the plant and nothing but the plant...The Full Spectrum CBD Oil has improved the quality of my daily life...The Customer Service Dept is great...I called them several times and they answered all my questions and concerns I had...Can't what to see what products they will bring to the market in the future...

CBD Experience Level: Medium
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this brand to a friend.

July 11, 2018
"Opened doors when doctors could find none to open.."
Great product. Started slow and worked up to 1000mg a month. I fluxuate a little bit, but life has been so much more rewarding. Taking the time to find a decent product that doesnt hide how its made or what is really in it. Bravo Hemplucid, way to set the standard for other Hemp products!

CBD Experience Level: Medium
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this brand to a friend.

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