Review Moderation Policies

Here at IntelliCBD, we allow website visitors like yourself to post independent 3rd party reviews of CBD brands in our database. This service is offered to allow people to share their experiences with companies they've used. Every review presented on this website is hand-moderated using a set of review guidelines which we outline below.

  • Reviews must indicate an actual experience with the brand being reviewed.
    • This includes a 1st party shopping experience, direct brand customer service, and use of any products a brand offers.
  • Reviews may not make direct medical claims.
    • Reviews that outline a direct medical benefit for a specified medical condition are not allowed.
  • Spam/automated reviews will be disapproved and deleted.

Flagging a Review

If you believe that any review on IntelliCBD violates our guidelines, you may click the small flag icon found with the review to flag it. Flagged reviews are hand-reviewed by IntelliCBD.

Removing a Review

If a visitor wishes to remove a review, they may contact us using the email address they provided when leaving the review.

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