Price Chart Guidelines: How We Gather Data

We use the following guidelines to gather data to present in our interactive CBD price chart.

Data Gathering Guidelines

We use the following guidelines to gather data for use in our chart:

  • Products Must Have Lab Reports to Confirm the Spectrum
    • The contents of a brand's products must be verified via a lab report.
  • Price is Based on a Product Containing or Closest to 1,000 mg (1 gram) of CBD Content Total
    • If no close or exact match is offered, then take an average of two surrounding contents - ie 500ml and 1500ml.
    • This method prevents the influence of high-volume or bulk products that some companies may not offer.
  • The Standard Product Offering For Each Product Type & Spectrum
    • The basic, unflavored, non-concentrated, simpler product is chosen when more complex, higher-priced options are offered.
  • Standard Pricing is Used
    • The original price of an item is used. Any general discounts, promo codes, bulk discounts, quantity discounts or sale pricing is ignored.

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